Hosting offers hosting services at very democratic prices. In our approach, we chose to go for simplicity: we defined a standard package with a base price, if you need more, you can easily subscribe to a multitude of the standard package without any hassle.

Every package includes:

  • SSH and SCP access to the server
  • Dynamic webpages using Apache2 and PHP5
  • A multitude of shell programs installed such as mail, irc and news clients.
  • A mailbox complete with SpamAssassin and Procmail capabilities
  • IMAP, POP3 and Webmail access, all over SSL
  • MySQL database
Standard package250 MB diskspace1GB/month datatransferup to 5 different websites (virtual hosts)35,00 € /year VAT excluded42,35 € /year VAT included
Standard package x 2 500 MB diskspace2GB/month datatransferup to 10 different websites (virtual hosts)70,00 € /year VAT excluded84,70 € /year VAT included
Standard package x 3750 MB diskspace3GB/month datatransferup to 15 different websites (virtual hosts)105,00 € /year VAT excluded
127,05 €/year VAT included

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