Need a Virtual Private Server? Fab4.be can help you with that too! You can choose between any of the three proposed packages, but if these don’t fit your needs, feel free to contact us for a tailored solution!

Every VPS includes:

  • Full root access
  • A choice of CentOS, Debian or Ubuntu as OS
  • Filesystem backup provided by Fab4.be
  • System monitoring provided by Fab4.be
VPS LightVPS MediumVPS Large
1 virtual Xeon CPU @ 2.13 GHz1 virtual Xeon CPU @ 2.13 GHz2 virtual Xeon CPUs @ 2.13 GHz
12 GB disk space25 GB disk space50 GB disk space
10 GB of monthly data transfer20 GB of monthly data transfer50 GB of monthly data transfer
1 IP address1 IP address1 IP address
Just 145.20 € per year! (VAT 21% included)Just 272.25 € per year! (VAT 21% included)Just 568,70 € per year! (VAT 21% included)
120 € per year VAT excluded225 € per year VAT excluded470 € per year VAT excluded